3-Wheel Drive


If you deal with stuck pivots and deep wheel ruts, it’s time to consider the Valley® 3-Wheel Drive. Built as our “better” option among three drive options, our 3-Wheel Drive is proven to keep your pivot moving in more challenging areas where downtime isn’t an option. We’re an authorized Valley Irrigation dealer providing high-quality parts and equipment in Buckeye, Arizona.


  • Improved span stability on rolling ground and in windy conditions.
  • Traction and flotation options to match field conditions.
  • Strength to support center tires on ridges.
  • Helps prevent stuck drive units.


  • Improved stability: A wider wheel base improves span stability on rolling hills and in windy conditions
  • Improved span alignment: Set of four braces on each side improves span alignment by balancing the load when crossing deep ridges
  • Wide range of tire sizes: Choose the traction and floatation options that best meet your field conditions
  • Added strength: Heavy-duty base beam adds strength to support center tires on ridges
  • Less downtime: Three driven tires offer more traction to help prevent stuck drive units
  • Flexible: Base beam only option gives you a low-cost upgrade option in the future
  • Easy conversion: Retrofits to existing Valley drive units


Tire size options 11.2-24, 16,9-24, 11.2-38, 18.4-26, 14.9-24; Valley exclusive Firestone® Champion Hydro ND
Compatibility Model 8120
Traction (prevents getting stuck) Better Valley solution
Flotation (reduces wheel rut) Good Valley solution
Rough ground capabilities Better Valley solution
Crop clearance profile options Standard and high

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