Growers Helping Growers

The John family have farmed Arizona land for more than a century. We tap into this rich experience to help fellow farmers amplify production with the least amount of stress on the environment.

We’re Just a Phone Call Away. Always.

We pride ourselves in placing our customers’ needs at the center of all we do. We understand firsthand farming’s pressing concerns and will work to address growers’ needs quickly so their crops don’t suffer. And we do sustainably so family farms remain family farms for years to come. It’s the Desert Drip advantage.

Our Story

Our southwest roots run deep. The John family came to Arizona in the late 1800s from Wales via Utah. The desert was vastly different from the lush countryside of Great Britain, but our family fell in love the American desert landscape and for more than 125 years have sought to preserve it for future generations. 

Desert Chemical, Inc. was established by Marvin John in 1979 to supply fellow farmers with a range of agricultural products, including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Marvin also tapped into his own farming experience to serve as a crop advisor at Desert Chemical. 

His son, Joel, had a desire to return professionally to agriculture. He recognized the urgent water use concerns affecting farmers around the southwest. So, in 2013 Joel and Marvin created Desert Drip to assist farmers in efficiently managing their most valuable resource – water. Since its inception, Joel has been a very hands-on CEO of the newest family business.

What began as a simple drip irrigation company is now one of only three Valley dealers servicing Arizona growers, and Desert Drip continues to keep customers in the forefront as it explores other irrigation technologies. 

Our Dedicated Team

Jennifer Franks

Administrative Assistant

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Tiffany Ground

Business Manager